Monday, 26 January 2009

Goals for 2009

Well, now or never as they say...if I don't commit to my goals before January ends, then the door for excuse will get wider each and every day. So, my goals for racing all start with qualifying for Kona (the IRONMAN World Championships made famous by Julie Moss - youtube her if you are not familiar). The road to Kona has already started and for me it means getting my cycling engine back to level it was in 2005 while continuing to build my run speed and resilence with smart run training. Swimming will get its focus too as I will take the coaching from last year and try to cement the good, reduce the bad and in Feb I will dive in with the Otters swim team (already feeling the pain...). I am planning a lot more races this year than last because I want to get that angry -tear their legs off mentality back and nothing does like racing.

In my A races I am racing to win my age group, B races I want to achieve a high placing or set a PB if conditions merit, and C races I want to go hard, have fun and not get injured. So, how do the races stack up:

A races are:
IRONMAN Switzerland
Kona (or XTERRA Utah if I don't qualify)

B races are:
Switzerland 70.3 (High B)
Lonestar Half Iron distance
Tour of Wessex

C races are:
Ballbuster Duathlon
Reading Half Marathon
Iceman MTB Duathlon
Eton Olympic tri
Wimbledon XC race
Croydon XC race

Two other big events on the calendar are the training camp in Greece in March, and the J&C Epic Camp in France in June.

This takes me up to mid summer, where I will reassess the rest of 2009 based on Switzerland.

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