Monday, 19 January 2009

Rough week, or just weak?

So how did the week go? Well, with a pretty good start to my structured training the week before and hitting about 90% of my training goals for that week, I felt good going into this week, but right off the bat things went awry. We had some serious wind on Sunday night and our flat is so exposed that the wind noise kept up both up most of the night and when the alarm went off early Monday morning, there just wasn’t enough mental strength to get up and head to the pool after such a long night. Ok, not a huge problem, as Monday is pretty easy day and a day of rest wasn’t the worst thing after the solid weekend. Tuesday was back on track with a solid ride and run in the early morning, followed by a good core workout at lunch, then a really solid track session in the evening. Woke up Wednesday feeling good and a bit tired from Tuesday, but had only some core work and yoga that morning…easy stuff…not! Yoga is still pretty challenging for me and pushes my flexibility in ways I just can’t describe. That night I got in a good run and was feeling good about the week at that point…but something didn’t feel right and I went to bed a little achy and scratchy in the throat. Thursday I awoke a definitely feeling that some kind of cold was inbound and decided to shorten my run and go easy…Friday was more of the same, and again I cut workouts short (always trying to get in something, just to build daily consistency more than to induce any real training stress. Saturday was a day I just want to forget as my cold really beat me down, and I was more willing to just give in and was glad that there was some good biathlon and skiing action on the tube…

Overall, the week was weak and I am pretty displeased with myself, but am glad that it is January and not April/May or June.

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  1. Oh how you would have loved Austin this week. OK, that was mean, but we want you guys back ;)