Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Test Week

Last week was a test week (recovery and a bike test were the focus points). In all I did 6 runs (nothing hard or fast), 3 rides, 3 swims, 2 core strength sessions and one yoga session for a total of about 13 hours. The test was a miserably hard affair where I did 20min at the highest sustainable power and boy did it hurt. It didn't help that I again did the test on my indoor trainer, which makes minutes seem like hours! The result is a power number that I modify to estimate my functional threshold power and then set my various training zones from it. I was not happy nor too upset with the result, but I am definitely a bit behind where I wanted to be. The hard thing to understand or get my head around is how my race season was unusually stretched into December and then a break up to New Years before kicking off formal structured training. So, with that in mind, my power levels are not bad with only a month of structured training in the bank, but it is also another reminder of where my fitness was at Busselton.

The week ahead is a race week with a solid amount of training, including 5 rides and lots of swimming. The race is the Wimbledon XC race, which is the last fixture in the Surrey XC season, and my team (the Clapham Chasers) are leading their division so I hope to run reasonable well to gain them some points. This is, however, a 'C' race and as I always tell my athletes, focus on enjoying the efforts, and don't focus on the result. Hopefully I will follow my own advice and try to enjoy the day.

The week also has the biggest Triathlon show in the UK, which should be an interesting affair...I am keen to look at new aero bars and potential carbon clincher wheels. Hopefully, there will be some interesting speaker/presenters to catch while I am there.

Race report next...

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