Monday, 23 March 2009

Bum knee

That pretty much sums it up. My knee was noticeable a few days before flying to Greece, but it was not until my run with Duncan up and down his local mountain that I knew something was wrong and my hopes of an epic weekend of training went up in smoke. Nonetheless, D & I did get in 2 good rides on Poros, and the nearby peninsula where we had great sunshine, roads with little or no traffic, plenty of climbing and overall great riding. I had to cut both rides short as my knee was increasingly painful as the rides went on. It really gutted me to let old D off the hook, but it was probably smarter. The real downside was that I continued to eat as if I was burning 7000 kcals per day and when I got back to London, my first weigh in was not a pretty sight...

All in all, the weekend in Greece was more holiday and less training, but unfortunately for me and those around me, I could not get my head around from my frustration with my knee and was a bit of a stress case the whole time. I do look forward to joing Alex & Duncan for one of their camps (or many) both to provide coaching and to enjoy their fantastic training environment and great location.

This week is off to a pretty good start, as my knee is feeling much better with significant less pain (hope, hope, hope things will be fine soon)...I am not sure about doing the Reading Half Marathon, as running hard is the last thing I want to do until my knee is 100%.

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