Monday, 9 March 2009

Last week and the week ahead

Another good week in the books and I surprisingly feel pretty refreshed although the legs did not have the pop in the ride yesterday...could not win either sprints on tthe Windsor ride...

For the week, I got in around 24 hours in total with 11 hours on the bike, 5.5 hours running and almost 6 hours in the pool, along with some good core work and a pretty rigorous yoga session (really, it was!)... I enjoyed each workout and had good motivation every day and even survived without hurting myself (did have a scare when I turned over my ankle on my tempo run on Sat, but it felt fine after a few gentle steps...)

The week ahead is another big volume week with a bit more intensity and hopefully some sun and warmth as training moves south to Greece. The plan is to link up with some mates and get in to some holiday fun along with some good training, including sea swims (first time in the wetsuit since Busselton..should be fun!).

This is the beginning of a significant period as I have a key event every week for the next several weeks, so staying healthy, eating good snacks, getting loads of rest and stretching daily (if not twice daily..) will be key sub goals. Now if I can just avoid those wonderful pastries...

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