Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I'm Tired

That pretty much sums up me as the two words I have said most often over the last 3 weeks has been ‘I’m tired’, and A has reminded me on numerous occasions that there are more words in the dictionary. Nonetheless it has been since March that I last threw my thoughts down on this blog, and mostly that is due to travelling and training. I won’t go into the travelling part too much other than to say it kicked off with a half iron man triathlon in Galveston where the heat and humidity nearly did me in, followed by a week in Austin where I ate like a king, trained like a full time professional and generally had a great holiday.

Back to sunny ole London, the last three weeks have been a solid, very solid progression of training volume and intensity. Over the course of the three weeks, I put in 20, 22 and just over 24 hours of training each week, and I also added some addition intensity incrementally over that time period as well. In reviewing my logs, it looks like I did around:

Totals for Weeks 17(04/20/2009) - 19(05/04/2009)
Type ------------ Distance --------- Duration
Bike ------------- 1130.0 km -------- 37:30:00
Weights ----------------------------- 05:00
Run ------------- 133.0 mi ---------- 15:15
Swim ----------- 34792.1 yd -------- 11:00
Total Duration: --------------------------- 68:45:00

I have to say, I feel really good overall and even with all the tired talk, I can say that the training has been a great sensation that I hope will show up this week when I test myself after taking it easy for a few days.

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