Friday, 28 August 2009

Eton Sprint and random thoughts

What a race!

I mean not so much that the race itself was epic, but damn the weather made it just seem that much more so. The funny thing about the weather, was that I thought about bagging the whole thing as a short race like a sprint is not a major goal, but on the flip side it was a short race. One hour and I would be done so how badly could it really be? Well, I stuck it out and had a good race, I was hard to see if I had improved over the month prior when I last raced on the same course and distance. The wind was blowing so badly that both the run and bike splits were definitely affected so to be a bit quicker on the run and about the same on the bike is hard to get my head around. Am I fitter than a month ago? With my recent training it would sure seem so, but on the day the numbers don’t tell much. The one good thing was that I really felt like I was getting stronger as the bike went on and had tons of energy on the run, which gives me the impression that my training has me well prepared for an Oly or Half. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those on my schedule, other than the Xterra type race next month. I am tempted to do a half in October, but if I do that will push my race total for year to 16, which seems like a lot.

Is it?

That is a race nearly every 3 weeks, which doesn’t seem like too frequent. I really am not sure on this one...race more or train more. Which will set me up for a great IM Utah next year? It is so far off, that I cannot put that as my near term training objective, but of course I want to do the training and racing that will put me on the trajectory to hit my goals next May. Maybe that is why this question over the races is so hard for me to capture...I haven’t really determined my near term goals. Last year was easy as I was racing in Australia in December, so Sept – November was easy to plan. Now there is no big race on the schedule until next spring.

Perhaps it’s time to set some running goals over the 10k/half marathon distance as my key near term goals, as well as some FTP targets on the bike.

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