Monday, 19 April 2010

My Coaching service

I have been working with cyclists and triathletes for several years now and I have usually just focused on developing my service through word of mouth. Over the course of the last couple of years, I have tossed around the idea of getting a web presence, but haven't gotten much if anything done beyond some bits and bobs of web page design. Well, now, after getting some wise advice from Tobes, my efforts have a focus and a plan that supports my current approach to building my client base and involves the internet and social media.

Look for this blog to become more dynamic as I will start to approach topics other than my personal journey in this sport. I will start to share ideas on products that I use, nutrition and race strategies, and other more (hopefully) useful topics for endurance athletes.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Blocking and drafting

I am not talking about the race itself, but rather swimming at my local pool and riding on my training rides. Why do people walk into the pool and see three lanes clearly marked, slow, medium and fast and proceed to get into the fast lane only to do a lazy breathstroke that takes nearly 3min per 100 meters? I just don't get it. I am not a fast swimmer, but often I am the fastest at my pool, which doesn't say much for the overall depth of speed there... Nonetheless, if I show up and I see someone clearly going much faster than I would, I look to the medium lane so I avoid being a roadblock in the fast lane. I sure wish all swimmers would show the same courtesy.

My second whinge is about people who decide to ride on my wheel (in my draft) without so much as a hello. That is just plain dangerous and quite rude behaviour. If I don't know someone is riding so close, I will not think to consider that rider when I hit the brakes, swerve to avoid a pothole or whatever else. More than anything, I think it is bad form to latch on to someone for a nice tow without even offering to pay for the ride. In fact, the last time it happened I asked the rider for £10 at the stop light. He laughed. I was serious. I do get a few nice comments when some people latch on, especially if they have a power meter.

Oh well, back to my taper.