Friday, 16 January 2009

OK, start this off..

First off, I feel like crap today...not because of work, the weather, too much training, bad food or too much wine. I am experiencing my third (3RD!) damn head cold/sinus infection in the last 90 days. Or, to look at it another way, had one in November, one in December and now one in January...f#'kin annoying and really makes me want to get out of this overcrowded urban jungle.

Rant over, this is my first blog posting and I wanted to kick this off with my not so glorious race report from IRONMAN Western OZ, but now that I am whinging about, maybe I should focus on something else. How about the year ahead. Yeah, this is the time of year where people make resolutions and grand statements about changes for the better. Well, triathletes aren't immune to that, but more often than not, we spend an inoordinate amount of time building up our racing and training goals for the year ahead. Quite often those goals are as grand and unlikely as many resolutions, but nonetheless I believe they are useful and have spent the last few weeks impressing upon my athletes the importance of goals.

What are my goals for 2009? First, is to avoid any more damn head colds! Not sure exactly how to do that and not become a recluse, but anyway, that is goal number 1: stay healthy. Second, I want to train much more consistently with good balance and better quality. Third, I want/need/must improve my snacks...oh how I love those pastries...unfortunately they do me little good and take up space where nutritious fruits and veggies ought to be. Fourth, and probably more important in the grand scheme of things is to be a better husband, friend, coach and person. I am on this track of life with a wonderful woman and need to keep her in the center of my thoughts. Without getting all sentimental, it goes without saying that a healthy, fun relationship lowers stress levels, encourages positive behaviors and builds bonds of strength that cannot be found elsewhere.

So, what about actual racing goals? Well, I am quite along the pathway of picking out the races, but a little behind on what makes the 'A' grade, 'B' and 'C'. I can say for sure, the XC race I did last weekend in lovely Croydon easily goes into the 'C' category as my legs were shocked at my efforts to run fast over rough terrain. I am guessing the next XC race in a few weeks will also be a 'C' priority, but hopefully with better sensations and my explosion.

The rest of the year will be addressed soon...just as soon as I can work it all out.


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  1. I'm with you on the damn colds. Michele and I got back to Austin in December and immediately got sick. Although rare, getting sick for me is a 2-3 (max) day thing, then I'm rolling again. This time my 2 - 3 day cold came with a 3 week chaser of bronchitis. Good God was that the suck. No nothing for about a month and I'm trying to get back into shape. My first MTB ride was over in about 45 minutes... Yesterday I rode for 3 hours though and am getting back into a regular running program, hoping to hit a few 10ks and the Dirty Tri again (aka Jack's Head Bump Tri).

    Can't wait to see yous guys in Aprilish time frame. Y'all are welcome to stay with us if you'd like...

    Matt R.